Guide of Recommendations

Click below to read the strategic recommendations aimed at different target groups (industrial companies, VET schools, society, youngsters and authorities), elaborated by the Industrial VET Hub project partners on how to reduce the industrial skills mismatch and gender imbalances both at the industrial and education sector.

Manual of Good Practices on Industry, VET & Gender

Click below and get to know the identified Good Practices from the Industrial VET Hub project partners in Westerburg (Germany), Viborg (Denmark), Tartu (Estonia) and Barcelona (Spain).

Good Practices on Industrial VET & Gender identified by European project partners

Player of the Year and Open Doors

Location: Tartu

Over the course of two days, the professional championships will take place in 34 competition areas, with more than 300 students participating. There are the best young masters, many of whom go to the school to represent the national and international competitions. The spectators are expected to encourage competitors, to explore the kitchen side of the school workspaces, and to test their hand and eye- precision.

Rocket 69

Location: Tartu

“Rocket 69“ is an educational scientific entertaining TV contest for young people to show that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) can be fun and I can do it, while offering excitement and new knowledge. The name of the show comes from the fact that on 1969 the first man stepped on the Moon.

The Skills night

Location: Tartu

Programmes for students and teachers in general education schools, which introduce different professions through practical activities. The aim is to encourage young people to choose vocational education as an opportunity for further learning.

Work with general education schools

Location: Tartu

The aim of this programme is to encourage young people and pupils of general education to choose Vocational Education as an opportunity for further learning, by introducing different technical professions through practical activities.

Grantee of scholarship in Tartu

Location: Tartu

Talent Plastics Tartu AS scholarship is open to students of Tartu Vocational Education and Training Center’s technology department starting from the first year without any study debts. The purpose of the corporate scholarship is to promote vocational training and support the technical studies of students of Tartu Vocational Education Center. Scholarships are issued twice a year in cooperation with the Cultural Endowment of Tartu.

d-LAB programme: Empowering women in the tech industry challenge

Location: Barcelona

d-LAB is a programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that answers societal challenges with considerable scale and relevance. We do this by launching Calls for Proposals and leading transformational pilot projects through collaborative public-private partnerships.Empowering women in the tech industry challenge looks for projects and digital solutions that have shown to contribute to the reduction of the gender gap within the tech industry and that can be replicable and scalable in a systematic manner.

e-DuoExit Project

Location: Barcelona

The eDuo Project aims at reducing educational drop out of young people in situations of social vulnerability by providing them with an specific innovative initial VET training programme in the industrial and technological sector in cooperation with VET schools and companies.

Girls in Lab

Location: Barcelona

Girls In Lab is a social and independent movement whose mission is to inspire and educate girls and teenagers to achieve gender parity in the field of technology. Its goal is to offer free spaces and resources to these young women to become the next STEM professionals (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). By raising these disciplines in a fun way, they hope to awaken an interest in technology for life and, incidentally, help them gain confidence in themselves by assimilating the best tools and resources of the 21st century.


Location: Barcelona

mSchools is a multi-faceted mEducation programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, in partnership with Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona City Hall and GSMA.mSchools empowers students and teachers to integrate mobile technologies into the classroom, opening up new ways of teaching and learning that improve achievement and employability.

A day at ITB

Location: Barcelona

“A day at ITB” is an open day organised at Institut Tecnològic de Barcelona (ITB) inviting secondary school students and their families to spend one day at the VET School  to motivate them to enrol in Technological studies and specifically giving priority to female students. Every student is guided by a current ITB student who acts as a coach to them. 

Girls Only

Location: Viborg

At Mercantec school in Viborg, they have chosen to start a girl club gathering girls that are in different VET categories were they talk/come up with ideas on what can they do to make VET education more attractive for women to sign up, as well as how to make the school easier and better for women already enrolled in the school.


Location: Viborg

The Grandparent’s project involves students having a person of reference or ‘granparents’ in case they experience any kind of problem, concern or difficulty at school during their whole student life.

EUX, a dual track education

Location: Viborg

EUX is a dual track education variation over the Danish Vocational Education System that combines a vocational education with a high school diploma. This means that the student will achieve skills related to the specific vocational education and more general academic skills as math, physics, language and technology

KCL Viborg

Location: Viborg

Reaching out towards secondary school. Viborg municipality has made a platform for secondary schools to browse for activities in companies, museums and educational organisations. Every party is invited to post one-day activities for school classes in order for them to learn their main objectivies (math, physics and the like) in a different setting. They can visit the chosen organisation free of charge and experience that school topics has a very real use in industry and education

Local Educational Boards

Location: Viborg

The Danish VET schools are required by law to maintain boards in which are comprised representatives from the employers organisations, from the employees organisations and from the school, with the objective to ensure tha education keep in touch with the industry they are meant to support.

Girls in Tec

Location: Viborg

As part of a STEM project, Mercantec seeks to make a more girl-friendly environment. This is done by interviewing and monitoring 10 girls at the blacksmith education. The objective of the project is to identify ways to improve the technical educations ability to attract girls in order to make them skilled workers.

Boss Ladies

Location: Viborg

The building industry in Denmark created an organisation called Boss Ladies, which identifies women role models who can serve as inspiration for girls in choosing VET studies. These women give speeches at schools and debate why so few women choose VET industrial and building studies.

VET Girls

Location: VIborg

Mercantec seeks to make it more attractive to take a VET education as a female, so they have created a platform for girls where they have the opportunity to privately ask another female who is already going on a VET education, questions about social life and school life. This gives the opportunity to inform more girls about the positive aspects of taking a VET education at Mercantec and discourage any stereotypes that may occur to the individual female or her parents.

From prejudice to practice: getting to know technolgy

Location: Westerburg

BBS Westerburg has introduced a new concept in their sixth form college, in which they currently offer two vocational courses: business/economic and technology. The students are taught in both subjects for one year and then decide on one subject as their vocational focus for the remaining school period. During this decision-making process, the students can ask for advice from their teachers. So far, the result of this project is that significantly more students now opt for technology. the number of female students has risen from 2 to almost 30 every year.

Girls Day – “Mädchen Zukunftstag”

Location: Westerburg

The Girls`Day was founded in Germany in 2001 by a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Family Affairs, the Federal Employment Agency, etc. By providing practical insights into companies,By providing practical insights into companies, Girls’ Day is intended to contribute to increasing the proportion of female employees in so-called “male occupations” and to reducing an assumed or predicted shortage of skilled workers in industry.

MINT-Mobile Workshop for Colleges and Schools

Location: Westerburg

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, the University’s MINT-Mobile visits BBS Westerburg for one day of practical science to conduct various experiments from the field of the MINT subjects (MINT=Mathematics, Informatics, Natural sciences, Technology) together with our students and give a practical insight into the field of technology. The objective is to attract students that have preconceived and very negative notions about technology, especially females, throughout actual contact with technology, and encourage them to choose technology as their subject.

For more information, click here to access our Manual of Best Practices on Industry, VET & Gender – to be uploaded in due course

Infography on the current situation of industrial VET, skills and gender gap

During the 2nd transnational meeting in Viborg (September 2019), Xarxa FP presented an infography, as a form of simple factsheet, with the results of the desk research activities undertaken by each partner. The infography reflects main facts & figures of the current state of affairs in all project countries, regarding proportion of women studying industrial VET, women employed in industrial occupations or gender wage gap in industrial sector as a whole.

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