1st virtual Staff Training Activity takes place in Viborg

March 26th, 2021 | News

The first virtual staff training mobility has taken place in Viborg (Denmark).

The Industrial VET Hub project includes 4 short-term training activities of VET teachers of industrial-related studies in project partner’s cities (Barcelona, Tartu, Viborg, Westerburg) with the aim to gain hands-on experience on the Good Practices and project-related activities on Industry, VET and gender.

Between the 22nd and 24th of March we have organised the first virtual activity for staff hosted by our colleagues from Mercantec (Viborg, Denmark) attended by 6 VET teachers from Barcelona, Tartu and Westerburg. 

The programme of activities included a virtual visit to Mercantec’s facilities, highlighting a virtual tour around the innovative Data Centre and Automotive department of the school; presentation of the key good practices both in Viborg and Denmark (see Manual of Good Practices on Industry, VET & Gender); introduction on the Danish VET system and the industrial sector in Viborg; the digitalisation strategy of Mercantec’s and a session on hackschooling. A total of 10 speakers were invited to share their knowledge and experiences on the project topics.

Please visit our twitter profile for more information on each session.

Due to COVID-19, the next virtual staff training mobility in Estonia will also be online by the end of April 2021. Stay tunned!

Launch of the Manual of Good Practices on Industry, VET & Gender

February 5th, 2021 | News

The Manual of Good Practices on Industry, VET & Gender of the Industrial VET Hub project is ready! This compilation collects a total of 21 good practices identified by project partners in Westerburg (Germany), Viborg (Denmark), Tartu (Estonia) and Barcelona (Spain), as part of the Phase 3 of Good Practices Pooling.

All in all, the good practices have been classified in three main categories according to the thematic objectives of the project:

  • Good practices at company level: related to the initiatives raised at the industrial sector as part of the adaptation to technological changes and with special attention to gender.
  • Good practices at VET school level: related to the type of initiatives born at VET industrial studies as part of the process of adaptation to technological changes and with special attention to gender. 
  • Good practices at secondary school level: related to the existing initiatives aimed at increasing the attractiveness and levels of enrolment of youngsters in industrial-related VET studies and with special attention to gender.

Click ‘Start’ on the image above and have a look!

3rd project meeting & Open Student Championship in Tartu, March 2020

March 6th, 2020 | News

Between the last 3rd and 4th of March we celebrated the 3rd project meeting in Tartu,  hosted by our partner colleagues at Tartu Vocational Education Center (Tartu VEC).

The meeting, initially planned to be held face to face, was partly organised both physically and remotely due to the early outbreak of the COVID-19 in Southern Europe. In the end, partners from Xarxa FP and BBS Westerburg were connected on Skype, while partners in Mercantec and Tartu met in person in the Estonian city as originally proposed.

During this blended encounter, Industrial VET Hub partners made great progress together in shaping the Manual of Good Practices on VET, Industry & Gender, and continued discussing and brainstorming on the basis for the future Manual of Recommendations (both documents will accessible at the ‘Results’ section of this website).

In parallel, during these days Tartu VEC was celebrating the Open Doors Championship where Tartu students of all VET specializations were competing for the best projects as a good pedagogical way to learn new skills acquired when competing, like leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking or effective time management, among others.

In addition, partners discussed the overall situation of the project activities done, reviewed budget allocation, shared the dissemination actions taken place, as well as planned upcoming meetings, milestones and deadlines to be met in the next months – bearing in mind the uncertain future of the COVID-19 pandemic progress.

The first learning activities included in the project phase were also discussed.

Industrial VET Hub’s partners meet in Denmark, September 2019

September 18th, 2019 | News

Last 16th and 17th of September took place the 2nd transnational meeting of the Industrial VET Hub in Viborg, Denmark. Our partners in Mercantec hosted us for two-days meeting with rest of participants from Westerburg, Tartu and Barcelona.

During the meeting, Xarxa FP presented this new project website, launched last month of April,  as well as a members-only intranet run in parallel over the last months by Sacha D. Faneford, an outstanding  IT trainee from Mercantec, to introduce all relevant country data on the particularities of our education systems and industial labour markets. Thank you Sacha!

Xarxa FP also presented the results of the desk research activities undertaken by each partner, from which we created our first infography as a form of factsheet, with the objective to reflect main facts & figures of the current state of affairs in all project countries, regarding proportion of women studying industrial VET, women employed in industrial occupations or gender wage gap in industrial sector as a whole. Please click here to see the infography.

Moreover, we have embarked upon the third phase of “Good Practices Pooling” in the Industrial VET Hub project. During this next months, partners will be progressively collecting and submitting initiatives, methodologies, projects or processes with good potential for learning and inspiration in our territories. The final output will be the elaboration of a Manual of Good Practices that will be presented and discussed during the next transnational meeting that is going to take place next February 2020 in the city of Tartu, Estonia.

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The Industrial VET Hub kicks off!

April 10th, 2019 | News

Project partners from BBS Westerburg, Mercantec, Tartu VEC and Xarxa FP (hosts) during the first and kick-off meeting of the Industrial VET Hub held in April 2019 in Barcelona.

Between the 3rd and 4th of April, we celebrated the Kick-off meeting of the KA2 project Industrial VET Hub at the Xarxa FP headquarters in Barcelona.

This 1st transnational meeting counted with the participation of a total of 8 industrial VET experts of partner organisations such as BBS Westerburg (Westerburg, Germany), Mercantec (Viborg, Denmark), Tartu Vocational Education Centre (Tartu, Estonia) and Xarxa FP Secretariat General, being the latter the coordinator of the project.

As part of the first phase on the coordination of the KA2 project, participants had the chance to review together the main features of the project, such as the general and specific objectives, project structure into phases and activities, expected results and impact, timeline, roles and responsibilities of each partner and budget allocation.

In addition, and as part of the planning of next steps and upcoming activities within the second project phase, all members were asked to discuss and decide together the best collection methods to be used for the research activities that all partners must base their work during the following months, in particular regarding the good practices existing in their respective cities with regards to the type of skills demanded by industrial companies, always lined up with new industrial occupations and from a gender inclusive approach.

The results of these research activities will be discussed during the 2nd transnational meeting, which is planned to be held on the next 16th and 17th of September 2019 in Viborg.

Follow the latest updates about the project in twitter at @IndustrialVETH2